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Members of the Law Council of Wales Executive Committee are a reflection of the diverse range of experience, knowledge and interests in the legal sector in Wales: from legal education to the growing body of Welsh Law, private practice, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Bar, the Judiciary, in-house legal services and legal advice centres. There are 15 member seats on the Executive Committee for its establishment year. Lord Lloyd-Jones, former Justice of the UK Supreme Court, is the current President.

One seat is allocated for the Presiding Judge for Wales which is shared by two appointed members on an alternate basis. One seat is allocated for an in-house lawyer, which is also shared by two professionals, on an alternate basis. To understand the aims of the Law Council of Wales and to read our constitution, click here.

Executive Committee Members

Lord Lloyd-Jones_edited.jpg

Lord Lloyd-Jones

Former Justice of the Supreme Court

& President of the Law Council of Wales

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